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Continuing Education Programs
School Psychology Continuing Education Programs

All these courses are done in partnership with  School Psychology India Members can avail discounts ranging from 10% – 60% from the course fee.

Each course will have its own credit points and the gained credits will be updated on the member’s profile. These points will help you in getting better jobs and moreover will develop your self confidence to succeed in this profession. School Psychology Profession demands continuous learning and updated knowledge and these CE programs will help you in being updated in all professional aspects.
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  School Mental Health Practitioner Course One Year
  One Year Online College Mental Health Course One Year
  Health and Wellness Teacher Certification Course
Six Months
  Learning Disability Assessment & Intervention – Certification Course
One Year
  School Counseling Practitioner Course
One Year
  Play Therapy
One Year – online
  Child Psychology
One Year – online
  Art and Drama therapy
One Year - online
  Emotions and Emotional Intelligence
Six Months - online
  Educational Psychology
Six Months
  Academic Assessment
Six Months
  Becoming School Psychologist – Step One
8 weeks
  Mental Health First Aider – Step One 10 weeks
  The World Of Play Therapy 6 weeks
  Behavioral Disorders in Children 6 weeks
  Steps in Counseling – A step by step approach 4 weeks
  School Children problems: Introduction, assessment and management 6 weeks
  Child Abuse & its Management 6 weeks
  Multiple Intelligence 4 weeks
  Psychotherapy & Counseling – Part One 8 weeks
  Making Dolls for Play Therapy - I 10 weeks
  Informal Assessments (Child & Adolescent) 16 weeks
  Parenting, Behavioral and Academic Problem Management 9 weeks
  Learning Styles 4 weeks
  Designing Interventions and IEP’s (Child and Adolescent) 16 weeks
  Learn Career Counseling 8 weeks
* Beginners Guide - Starting to work with Schools
* School Psychology Practitioner Check List
* Code of Ethics, Professional Standards & Practice Guidelines
* School Mental Health Practitioner Course
* Health and Wellness Teacher Certification
* Play Therapy Certification Course
* Learning Disability Assessment & Intervention– Certification Course
* School Counseling Practitioner Course
Get trained in Mental Health First Aid
Practitioners, Parents, Educators and Students - Resources
Universities providing Doctorate in School Psychology
Worldwide Associations for School Psychology
National Association of School Psychologists
* School Psychology Workshop Videos
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