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Are you an educator/administrator/part of the management team/correspondent/Principal working with a school/college/university/any educational institution?

Are you thinking or looking forward to do any one of these:

  • to set up a school psychology department 
  • to recruit school psychology services
  • to start student counseling services
  • to know about a flexible and workable mental health plan
  • to conduct developmental programs for your students, teachers and parents
  • to establish mental health first aid practices at your institution 
  • to alert your teaching community on safe schooling and safe colleges 
  • to improve your institution’s mental health as well its holistic health

Well, you have landed in the right place; we can help you with all these and more than this in a completely satisfying manner.
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Our support staffs will get help you in designing a safer school / college
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* Health and Wellness Teacher Certification
* Play Therapy Certification Course
* Learning Disability Assessment & Intervention– Certification Course
* School Counseling Practitioner Course
Get trained in Mental Health First Aid
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Universities providing Doctorate in School Psychology
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