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School Psychologist Jobs

Would you believe if we say that there are umpteen opportunities for school psychologists across all countries worldwide that would make a world of difference to your life and career?

You would. Visit this page often and you will know the range of jobs available in India and aboard for school psychologists.

Here, we constantly update our members and other interested psychologists regarding school psychology and associated vacancies around the world.

We help you locate all kinds of jobs: full time, freelancing, part time, online jobs and more.

Jobs we may post are as below…

School psychologist – freelancer Residential school psychologists
Residential school counselor School advisor
Teacher trainer LD trainer
Special educator Head – school psychology team
Student service provider Mental health professional
Crisis management team member Assistant/associate/full professor of school psychology position
Visiting assistant opening Director 
Alcohol and other drug post-doctoral counselor Interpersonal violence coordinator
Postdoctoral fellowships  Instructor
Senior psychologists Mental health professionals
Vice president Staff psychologist or counselor
Care coordinator Psychologist intern
School Counsellor Academic Advisors
Educational Psychologists Curriculum Planners
Play Therapists Art Therapists
Career Counselors Assessment In charge
Senior staff therapist/psychologist And Many more….

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In case you need immediate job assistance, please email us at and the concerned staff will help you find a job.

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