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An association for Psychologists working at Schools and Colleges
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As a Member of School Psychology India
  • You will have an association to support your profession and help to enhance and empower yourself as a successful school psychologist.
  • You will be trained, educated and informed of all the changes and innovations concerned with your profession.
  • You will meet others in the school psychology field and build a network of friends and professional contacts who have the same goals and challenges in their jobs as you do.
  • You will have the opportunity to attend our yearly conference. As a member, you will have concessions in the participant fee. Our conference can be very appropriate and is applicable to your work as a school psychologist.
  • You will receive information about other seminars or workshops in the state or nation that are directly related to your job as a school psychologist.
  • You can avail discounts in the fee rates of our CE programs and you will also get opportunities to run CE programs for other members.
  • Once you become a member, you will be able to access our Members page where you can see our triennial newsletter in full as soon as it is published as well as a members directory, occasional handouts and other resources.
  • Our newsletter has interesting information about other members, school psychology research and information and local/international news related to school psychology. In addition, you get the latest in legislation and licensing matters that are applicable to your profession.
  • You will be part of a powerful lobby group that can influence state and national legislation for the good of your profession.
Two types of memberships available
Life Membership India   Life Membership International
Life Membership for psychologists from India working in schools and colleges, psychology related professionals or post graduate students who are interested in school psychology
International Life Membership for psychologists from rest of the world working in schools and colleges/psychology related professionals or students interested in school psychology
Life Membership– India - Mail us at with a brief profile and our Staff will get in touch with you.   Life Membership– International – Mail us at with a brief profile and our Staff will get in touch with you.
We don’t provide membership for graduate students but students are encouraged to join our Facebook Group to learn more about school psychology-
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* School Psychology Practitioner Check List
* Code of Ethics, Professional Standards & Practice Guidelines
* School Mental Health Practitioner Course
* Health and Wellness Teacher Certification
* Play Therapy Certification Course
* Learning Disability Assessment & Intervention– Certification Course
* School Counseling Practitioner Course
Get trained in Mental Health First Aid
Practitioners, Parents, Educators and Students - Resources
Universities providing Doctorate in School Psychology
Worldwide Associations for School Psychology
National Association of School Psychologists
* School Psychology Workshop Videos
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